Sorry I couldn't be there today.
Have a Great Friday & a Wonderful Weekend!
Eagle Pride!
-Mrs. Lawrence


Complete Any Missing Work For The Week.
  • Lesson 3 Notes & Quizlet
  • Spiral Textbook Activities - Starting a Document, Saving a Document, Selecting Text, and Formatting Texxt
  • Understanding Word Processing Software (Found under the Wed. Sept. 16 announcement)
  • Lesson 3 Exercise & Project (1a & 1b)
  • Tables: Favorites, Baby Names & Temperature
Complete Practice Test
Complete at least 5 review games:
Complete the Advanc-Ed Survey on the homepage, if you have time remaining!


Students should pick up an Accounting Textbook. Students should complete the following:
  • Chapter 4 (On Your Own 4-1)
  • Objective 1.02 Review Questions - - See Attached
         (This needs to be submitted into the drop box by the end of the period, for a grade)

Review games:Chapter 3 Practice Quiz

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