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OBJ: SWBAT review MSITA shortcuts and commands in MS Word

  • Go to TypingWeb. (Practice for 15 Min.)
  • Review the Word Packet
  • Watch the "Text Effects" Video (Click Here)
             Write down 2-3 new techniques that you learned.
Guided Practice:
                Create a new Quizlet "Card Set" and title it "Shortcuts                    in MS Word" Ex: CTRL+S    Save
Independent Practice:
Cool Down Activities:
  • Write down at least 6 keyboard shortcuts we have learned and the result of using them. Remember to use complete sentences.
  • Re-creating the Ribbon: using MS Word, MS PPT, or a hand drawing... recreate the MS Word ribbon. Include that you know what a Ribbon, Tab, Group and Command are.

Accounting I

OBJ: SWBAT understand the accounting basics; analyzing business transactions.

  • Write the OBJ
  • Take out your HW for grading
Guided Practice: 
  • Review HW & Activity from Yesterday
  • 1-2 Application Problem, pg. 19
Independent Practice:
          (pg. 19 of packet)
  • Chapter 2

PowerPoint & Notes:Guided Practice:
  • Work Together 2-2
  • On Your Own 2-2
Independent Practice:
  • Application Problem 2-2
  • Complete Independent practice

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