OBJ: SWBAT format text based documents in MS Word.
Warm-Up: practice for the first 15 minutes of the period. (Students MUST complete at least 1 lesson, before playing TypingWeb games.
Guided Practice:
  • Complete & Review Lesson 2 Projects
  • Review “How to do….” Century 21 Activities
Independent Practice:
  • Lesson Review Quizzes (Open Notes) - - Lesson 1 & Lesson 2
  • Vocabulary Review:   Review Lesson 1 Vocabulary (Practice Quizlet Games)


OBJ: SWBAT ​continue building on their understanding of objective 1.01 - understanding accounting basics.
What specific/title accounts are effected in the following transactions?
  • Paid cash for utilities
  • Sold services on account to R.Jones
  • Purchased an advertisement for the business, using cash
  • Purchased supplies, on account, from Office Depot Supply Company
Independent Practice:
Begin Chapter 3
  • In your notebook/binder, define the terms found on Pg. 54 of your Green Accounting Textbook
  • Read “Journals and Journalizing” on Pg. 56  - - - In your notebook:  What is a journal? 
  • Read “Making Ethical Decisions | Recognizing Ethical Dilemmas and Actions” on Pg. 56 - - - In your notebook: respond to the prompt at the end. In private, write down the names of at least five people from whom you would feel comfortable seeking advice on ethical dilemmas. Select 2 of those 5 people and explain why you chose them.

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