You will need as much time as possible to complete today's activities. Please get started as soon as you read these directions.

Complete the following assessments
These should be taken independently; your notes can be used only if needed:
Please upload your assessments to MSITA Google after you have completed them.
Any assessments not submitted today will be a zero (0). There will not be any re-takes, unless a student is absent.
Begin Lesson 4
Exercise 1 Instructions
Lesson4ex1 Document


  • Read & take notes on Pgs. 96 – 100 
  • Complete 4-2 Work Together on Pg. 101 (may complete this with a partner) 
  • Complete 4-2 On Your Own on Pg. 101 (independently)
  • Answer the “Audit Your Understanding” questions on Pgs. 95 & 101


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