OBJ: SWBAT review lesson 2 in MS Word and practice applying their skills to several MS Word Projects.
    Typing Web for 15-20min. (8:15a)
Lesson 2 Projects
  1. Project 2-1, Updating a Sign (Sign)
  1. Project 2-2, Editing a Job Description (JobDescription)
  1. Project 2-3, Creating a Schedule (Schedule & Schedule Memo)
  1. Project 2-4, Finding & Replacing Text
  2. Project 2-5, Fixing the Coffee Shop Menu ( Old Menu & Menu)
  1. Project 2-6, Creating a Memo


OBJ: SWBAT continue practicing their learning of T-Accounts and analyzing business transactions in Accounting.
Warm-Up: Indicate if the following are True or False:
  1. Owner’s equity is listed on the left side of the balance sheet.
  2. An expense is a decrease in owner’s equity resulting from business operations.
  3.  A withdrawal decreases owner’s equity.
  4. Mariah Smith, Capital    and    Mariah Smith, Drawing are both classified as what types of accounts?
  5. Sales is classified as what types of accounts?

Apply Your Learning
  • Application Problem 2-3
  • Application Problem 2-4
  • Mastery Problem 2-5
  • Challenge 2-6
Test Review

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