OBJ: SWBAT review MSITA shortcuts and commands in MS Word
  • Go to TypingWeb. Sign up for a free account and complete a lesson or game(s).
  • Complete Quizlet (Vocabulary)
  • Complete Word Review - Part 2 of the packet - Submit your packer to the "turn it in bin" on the middle table.
  • Watch the "Text Effects" Video (Click Here)
             Write down 2-3 new techniques that you learned.
Guided Practice:
                Create a new Quizlet "Card Set" and title it "Shortcuts                    in MS Word" Ex: CTRL+S    Save
Independent Practice:
  • Fun with Word Activity
  • Browse Word’s tabs then play (until you win) the Rags to Riches game
  • Re-creating the Ribbon: using MS Word, MS PPT, or a hand drawing... recreate the MS Word ribbon. Include that you know what a Ribbon, Tab, Group and Command are.


OBJ: SWBAT Understand the Accounting Basics; focusing on T-Accounts
Warm Up:
  • What is the Accounting Equation?
  • Case Study: Pg. 23 <Case 1>:                                                           Mr. Shionda starts a new business. He uses his personal car in the business with the expectation that later the business can buy a car. All expenses for operating the car, including: license plates, gas, oil, tune-ups, and new tires, are paid for out of business funds. Is this an acceptable procedure? Explain.
Independent Practice:
  • Review Accounting Equation 1-1 Application Problem (Pg. 19)
  • Application Problem 1-2 (Pg. 19)
  • Application Problem 1-3 (Pg. 20)
  • Mastery Problem 1-4 (Pg. 21)
  • Challenge Problem 1-5 (pg. 22)
Review for Assessment:
  • T-Account Review: Study Guide 2
Guided Practice:
  • Work Together 2-1
  • On Your Own 2-1
Independent Practice:
  • Application Problem 2-1

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