Activate your MSITA Google Account
  • We will begin submitting our assignments by using a MSITA Google Account. (This will help those of you who keep losing your work. This will also be a replacement for those of you that need a flashdrive!)
  • Please click here to sign in and activate your Google Account. Activation of the account will be a grade. I will be able to see when you activated the account, so please do this before you begin today's activities.
  • Click Here for the instructions. 
Warm-Up: Students are to complete 10-15min of . Please be sure to complete at least 1 lesson.
Independent Practice:
  • Creating Your Favorite Table (Here is an Example of Mrs. Lawrence's Favorites)
  •  Creating an MS Word Document
  • Lesson 3 PPT & Notes (Type your answers in another color)
  •   Vocabulary Review:   Review Lesson 2 Vocabulary (Practice Quizlet Games)
  •  “Understanding Word Processing Software” (Pg. WORD2 – Microsoft Office 2010 Spiral Book on the bookshelf behind the door)
    o Read Pg 2 & Summarize each task and its purpose in a document
         §  Title the document “Why Use Word” – Save as “Why Use Word”
         §  Create bullet points for each task listed on Pg. WORD 2 - In your own words, explain the purpose of this task.
  • Add Lesson 3 Vocabulary to Quizlet: “Lesson 3 Vocabulary”
  • Read and complete activities (pg. WORD 6-12 – Microsoft Office 2010 Spiral Book)
    o   Starting a Document
    o   Saving a Document
    o   Selecting Text
    o    Formatting Text Using the Mini Toolbar



Objective for the week: SWBAT define accounting terms and practice journalizing transactions.

  • In your notebook/binder, define the terms found on Pg. 54 of your Green Accounting Textbook
  • Read “Journals and Journalizing” on Pg. 56
          o   In your notebook:  What is a journal?
  • Read “Making Ethical Decisions | Recognizing Ethical Dilemmas and Actions” on Pg. 56
         o   In your notebook: respond to the prompt at the end. In private, write down the names of at least five people from whom you would feel comfortable seeking advice on ethical dilemmas. Select 2 of those 5 people and explain why you chose them.

Independent Practice
  • Read “A General Journal” on Pg. 57
         o   In Your Notebook answer the following questions:
              §  Explain why the following are important when using a journal: Accuracy and Chronological Record
              §  What is a Source Document?
  • Read “Checks” and “Sales Invoices” on Pg. 58
        o   In your notebook:    What is the difference between an Invoice and a Sale Invoice?
  • Read “Other Source Documents” on Pg. 59
        o   In your Notebook:    What are 3 of the other source documents?
  • Read “Received Cash From Owner As An Investment” on Pg. 60
          o   Complete “Steps – Journalizing Cash received from Owner As An Investment”  (Pg. 60)
  • Read “Paid Cash For Supplies” on Pg. 61
          o   Complete “Steps – Journalizing Cash Paid For Supplies”  (Pg. 61)
  • Complete “Work Together 3-1” with a partner. (pg. 62) 
  • Complete “On Your Own 3-1” on your own. (pg. 62)
  • In your notebook, complete “Audit Your Understanding” on Pg. 62 (write the questions):
          o   In what order are transactions recorded in a journal?
          o   Why are source documents important?
          o   List the four parts of a journal entry.


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